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Retirement Planning is more important than ever before.  With the many changes in the social welfare systems it is important to take charge of your future and what better than a properly design retirement plan. 
Maybe your current plan is not working for you.

There are two types of plan scenarios:

  - Defined Contribution Plans; where it might be  one of several varieties of 401(k), Profit Sharing, or IRA. 
  - Or, a Defined Benefit Plan;  Employer sponsored Pension plan.

Imagine your company has $50,000 in available income. Currently, without a retirement plan, you would pay $17,500 in taxes, assuming a 35% tax bracket, and would keep $32,500.  If instead, I show you a retirement plan option that you contribute the same $50,000 to, allocating $35,000 to yourself, and giving your employees the remaining $15,000, would you agree there’s something in it for you? 

Contact us for a discussion on what may be right for you or your organization. 

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