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You know how important it is to be cost competitive. More importantly, in these tough economic times, you know that just a few thousand or even a few hundred dollars in your bid can be the difference between a large government contract and laying-off employees.


Save money by taking the fringe off of your prevailing wage payroll

Hard to believe that big cost savings can be that easy, but it’s true. While both Davis-Bacon and State prevailing wage mandate the amount of fringe you pay to your employees, they offer options for how you pay it. And that’s why BCS is here.


If you’re paying fringe in cash, you’re losing money

If you’re putting the fringe portion of the prevailing wage on your employees’ paychecks, your mandatory fringe payments are being treated as wages; and since it’s wages, you are required to pay statutory taxes and workman’s compensation. That’s right, you are paying taxes on your fringe! But you donot have to.


Paying your benefits in cash is making you less competitive

Depending upon the state you live in, you might be spending an additional $0.30 for every $1 dollar of fringe money you pay to the employee as wages. That may not sound like much. BUT, for a large government contract, you might be paying thousands of dollars in taxes – THOUSANDS! – that you don’t need to be spending.


Just how much can we lower your job costs?

Let’s say you have 10 employees working 40 hours / week on a year-long job and your mandatory fringe contributions are $10/hour. Your workers comp per hundred is $13.50 (per $100 of payroll) and your G/L premium is $5.49 (per $1,000 in payroll) -  a nice conservative amount. Based on these numbers, you are wasting $36,107 dollars per year. That’s right. With 30 employees that is over $100,000! Look at these job cost reduction calculations. In this competitive economy, can you really afford to be paying extra for your fringe?!  Can you really afford to be spending more in taxes and insurance costs than you need to? What could you do with thousands of dollars of job-cost savings? You could be more competitive in your bids, resulting in you getting more prevailing wage contracts. Or make more money. How about both?


BCS is here to help you save money

We design employee benefits strategies that take all that fringe money off of payroll. It’s a win-win-win. You get the benefit of lower taxes and reduced workman’s compensation premiums, which translates into lower job costs, which makes you more competitive. Your employees get the benefit of great benefits. Bet you didn’t think something so simple could affect your bottom-line!


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